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This retreat is a celebration of sensual movement, sensual somatics and kink practices (rope play & pain processing) culmination in D/S Rituals (dominance/ submission) grounded in tantra.

Diving down this rabbit hole, Vera & Justyna will equip you with deep talks and knowledge about Erotic Blueprints, Core Erotic Theme – and what D/S can actually be at the cutting edge between art, kink and queer-feminism.

You will explore the following themes: 

  • Tantric Yoga & Meditation & Orgasmic Breathing

  • Sensual Somatics & Sensual Movement

  • Sensual Rope Play (Shibari)

  • D/S Dominance/Submission & Worshiping

  • Erotic Pain Processing

  • Erotic Blueprints

  • Core Erotic Theme

  • Deep Talk(s) about D/S as kink-art

For whom? 

This retreat is “open level” designed. We are covering a broad field of skills and sensuality in this retreat and we are prepared to give individual advice in the workshops in case you are a total beginner or an advanced practitioner in a particular topic. If you happen to be a total beginner in all the topics and in conscious sensuality/sexuality in general, please reach out to us before you register. 

There will be partner exercises. You are welcome to register alone, in pairs or tribes (with partner(s)/friend(s)/lover(s)).

The retreat is open to all gender identities, sexual (non-) orientations and to all ethnic & socio-cultural backgrounds. 


The classes and workshops will be held in English. If all participants will be german speakers, we will switch to German. 

More informationen und registration can be found at Rituals of Surrender.

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